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From: Wendy Coad, Miami Beach FL, USA

- 8:37AM
Subject: Hand and Face Reflexology


For the past several months I've gotten so many requests for the schedule for my popular programs:

Ear & Face Reflexology

Many of you couldn't get into them last year because of schedules. As promised, I'm offering them again this year.

Now, I can show you how to use Ear & Face Reflexology, to supplement your reflexology efforts, generate more success and clear up some of the mysteries that other classes just don't explain.

You'll learn how to start using Face and Ear Reflexology with accuracy & confidence... and yes, even if you're already practicing, you'll learn a whole lot more:

- using the best techniques and holds for you and your clients comfort.

- how to find the reflexes (can't do that with just a book) and to find the optimum point of contact, even bringing those reflexes closer to the surface

- use your own ergonomic positioning and posture to create additional benefits for your client with outworking harder or adding anything more than what you're already doing. Ear Reflexology and Face Reflexology are the most effective, least expensive, easiest way to generate MORE POTENTIAL IN*COME

Create a full ONE HOUR SESSION dedicated just to the ears OR, a full ONE HOUR SESSION on the face alone.

No other training program offers this much information. Each class can be taken separately!
With these tools you can easily offer 90 minute sessions with lots of variety. You'll find that each reflex location offers more and deeper relaxation than the last.

Students from this class don't complain of having too little to do, they just have many more options with all these wonderful techniques and protocols.

NOTE: If you're new to ear & face reflexology, you'll have fun and be glad you learned how to do it right from the start. OR If you're already practicing, we'll undo your bad habits and increase your knowledge base so you can do it better than you ever thought possible.

In these Masters Class you can use one or combine Ear & Face Reflexology - The Ultimate Success Workshops. It's all happening right here in New York this April and May.

You don't want to miss my LIVE "Ear & Face Reflexology "The Ultimate Success Workshops." This popular step-by-step program adds value to your practice so you can make oodles of money doing what you love and what people need.

Ear & Face Reflexology - The Ultimate Success Workshops

You will deepen your knowledge and confidence for this powerful, convenient form of bodywork.

And, you'll learn the full range of techniques, as well as how, and when to apply them.

Any or all parts of this method can be integrated with all reflexology or massage protocols to deepen the client's relaxation experience.

It's All Right At Your Fingertips

"Ear & Face Reflexology - "The Ultimate Workshops"

Basic Ear Reflexology 2010

Fridays (6-9pm), Saturdays (9:30am - 5:30pm) & Sundays (9:30am - 5:30pm), April 23 & 24, 2010 ($297)

No prerequisite.

  It's hard to imagine, let alone describe, how powerful the ears are as a site for our practice. For convenience and access there's nothing better.

  They are truly the gateway and keys to supporting our health. The techniques you'll learn involves working the unique reflex points of the ears (which has been also called Auriculotherapy). This Ear Reflexology workshop is designed to bring you information and techniques, so you will be able to create a whole session on just the ears alone!
  The focus of Ear Reflexology is the whole body while the technique is concentrated on the ears. In this comprehensive Ear Reflexology workshop, you'll learn all about the systems of the body and their location on the ears. You'll learn the techniques that are used to address and help support the energy in these systems as well as how and when to apply them.

Basic Face Reflexology 2010

Face: Friday, 6-9pm, & Saturday, 9:30am – 5:30pm
May 14 & 15, 2010 ($297.)

No prerequisite.

It's simply amazing that the relaxing and rejuvenating results of Face Reflexology aren't more widely known. Most people don't know that there's a map of the whole body located on the face. Just like the feet and hands, we have a window of information about the body and all its organ systems located right
before our eyes.

  Join us for an informative and practical look at this fascinating subject. We'll view ancient practices and use some familiar time-tested techniques for refreshing and relaxing the whole body via the face.

  This Face Reflexology workshop is right for you whether you'd like to know how to support your own health or learn something new to add to your existing skills.

  Face Reflexology is a powerful and convenient non-massage form of bodywork. The focus of Face Reflexology is the whole body while the technique is concentrated on the face. In this comprehensive workshop, you'll learn all about Face Reflexology, the techniques that are used as well as how and when to apply them. You'll feel and look younger.

threeAdvanced Face Reflexology 2010

Advanced Face: Sunday, 9:30am – 5:30pm & Monday, 6:00-9:00pm - May 16 & 17, 2010 ($297.)

Prerequisite – Basic Face Reflexology.

If you loved the basic, this class is the icing on the cake. Don’t take my word for it – the proof is right before your eyes.

In the 8 years since first introducing the Basic Face Reflexology workshop, many more developments and strides have been made in this unique and fascinating form of Reflexology. Face Reflexology is currently popular in several countries in Europe and South America. I have personally been practicing these techniques with my clients and have had amazing results. The experience of relaxation, as reported by the people who receive Face Reflexology, is more deeply felt than any other form of Reflexology.

 Join us for the rest of the story. There are so many levels of holistic health that can be accessed right here on the face. In the Advanced Face Workshop information and practice will center around the chakras and the oriental energy maps.

 We’ll learn how to integrate the internationally used methods adding lots of variety to your repertoire. Additional techniques along with familiar time-tested ones are combined to offer a full session protocol to refresh and relax the whole body via the face.

  Whether you'd like to know how to support your own health or learn something new to add to your existing skills, this Advanced Face Reflexology workshop will deepen your knowledge and confidence.

Any or all parts of this method can be integrated within the context of more conservative Reflexology sessions to deepen the relaxation experience.


What Others Have to Say About the Reflexology Professor's Workshops

"What a Journey "

I am thrilled to be part of your pioneering journey with reflexology.

Irene M
New York City

"The Best Teaching "

You taught a wonderful and inspiring class... Overall, I feel very fortunate to have practiced reflexology under such a fine teacher and with such a
wonderful set of classmates

Jon G.
New Jersey

"It Rejuvenated Me "

I loved the workshop with Wendy Coad, who is an inspiring,
knowledgeable and down-to-earth teacher. Not only did my face
feel and look rejuvenated, my whole body and spirit felt

Sue Scott Dolan
Harrisburg, PA

Later Sue wrote:

This is excellent. I was going to write you a note this a.m. and ask when [Wendy] might be coming back [for Advanced Face]…

I find the face reflexology a very helpful, simple way to introduce people to broader energy work. I also include it as part of Reiki and other energy modalities.

Blessing, Sue ue

"Amazed…I covet this relaxation… "
I am amazed at the effect of face reflexology on everyone who received the treatment. The response isn't sleepiness, it downshifting to levels that were not reached working the feet…I covet this relaxation myself and plan to exchange with some of the ladies in the class.  Thanks again. 

Paula Rhodes,
Certified Reflexology 10 years

fourEar & Face Reflexology - The Ultimate Success
Workshops 2010

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Basic Face Reflexology $297

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Wendy Coad PO00104 is approved as a provider of Continuing Education Units by the American Reflexology Certification Board. These courses qualify for the ARCB CEU requirements.

See you soon,

Live Long, Reflex & Prosper,

Wendy Coad

The Reflexology Professor


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